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What does being a Trust Birth Facilitator involve?

The training fee of $55 will include a copy of “Birth with Gloria Lemay”.
First, you must apply to be a Trust Birth Facilitator. The application involves the completion of a phone interview with the TBI training director, before an application is accepted. Not all applicants are automatically approved,  so let’s talk about it before you apply if you have questions.
Following your approval, you will be sent an invitation via email to join the site where the training course will be completed.  The Training Director will be checking on your progress weekly and will contact you via email if you have not logged in for a while or if you have assignments that still need your attention.
Once your training is completed, you will receive a credit at the AAMI Shop for a free recording to enjoy as our way of saying thank you.
A Trust Birth Facilitator holds monthly support meetings in her home (or other appropriate meeting place). The meeting topics and content vary from month to month.
Facilitators are required to make monthly meeting reports, and participate in ongoing quarterly training. The training may take the form of  conference calls, forum discussions, etc.
So, do you want to tell the Truth about Birth? Do you believe Birth is Safe, and Interference is Risky? Would you like to help women discover that they already know the Truth about Birth? Do you have a few days a month that you can devote to Trust Birth?
Then you are an excellent candidate to become a Trust Birth Facilitator!
All you need to do to get started is to contact us at:
or to apply today, fill out the application:

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Message From Founder Carla Hartley

Dear Future Trust Birth Initiative Facilitator,

How wonderful that you care so much about babies and mothers and birth that you are willing to be part of an all volunteer organization dedicated to one goal: Helping Others TRUST BIRTH!

The idea of the Trust Birth Initiative kept me awake at night for weeks. I tried to dismiss it as being too difficult, as I had a similar idea a year ago that I eventually talked myself out of. But this one would not go away. I am already extremely busy and do not need another job. But you know what? There is a difference in jobs and purpose. I don’t think I have time for any more jobs in my life, but the fire in my heart tells me that there is time for more purpose. Judging from the enthusiasm of those of you who are interested in becoming Trust Birth Facilitators, I know I am not alone. Yes, we are taking on another job, but we believe we have a vital purpose to fulfill.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the meaning of the “Trust” part of Trust Birth. Trust cannot be defined apart from faith. Because I have faith that we are made to give birth and were designed by someone much smarter than we are, I can trust that birth was meant to work. My own trust in birth is very much a part of who I am, my faith in God, and what I believe about Trust and Truth and Purpose. Joining the Trust Birth Initiative may have no spiritual connotation for you, but I had an epiphany that brought it all into clear focus for me. The epiphany did not come from me, but from within me. It was already there. We are born trusting. We have to be taught not to. Trust is part of the package. We are obviously designed to give birth. We must have been born trusting birth. We have been taught to ignore what we already know. We have been taught that birth is scary and must be left to the experts. We have been taught a pack of lies.

Here is where we have to acknowledge that Trust must be married to TRUTH. Truth has enormous power. Truth is stronger than lies. We need to tell the truth about birth, again and again and again. Trust will follow.

I want to help women discover or learn that they already trust birth. It is natural and logical to trust birth. It is unnatural and illogical not to. We will help them rediscover that and nurture it, and encourage them so that they can help other women do the same.

I have asked a few women to come on board as a part of the Trust Birth Initiative Executive board because they share my vision. We have HUGE dreams for the Trust Birth Initiative. We want to help thousands of women come to a place where they realize that they Trust Birth, and we are determined to find a way to do that. We cannot do it alone. We need you. We need your dedication and determination. We need your heart and your love for babies and mothers and birth.

We will, by necessity, be very careful with the Trust Birth Initiative name and be sure that our efforts are in line with our purpose. Our facilitators will have to meet standards of integrity and enthusiasm and birth trust.

We have the potential to effect a historical cultural paradigm shift, which will result in a power shift, returning the ownership of birth back to the women who have come to trust birth. I truly hope you will be able to be a part of that.

~ Carla Hartley