The Trust Birth Initiative’s  Frequently Asked Questions Page

These are the most frequently asked questions here at Trust Birth, or asked of our facilitators.  If you have a question and the answer is not found below, or on the “About” or “Our Beliefs” pages, please email the Training Director for more information.


 Questions about Trust Birth and the Beliefs of the Initiative 

What is the Trust Birth Initiative?

The Trust Birth Initiative is a grassroots birth advocacy and support initiative for families. It is supported by small, voluntary donations of time and money by individual mothers and fathers all around the country.

What does a Trust Birth Facilitator do?

A Trust Birth Facilitator holds Trust Birth meetings to facilitate discussions about pregnancy, birth and parenting related topics. The facilitators might also have booths at birth fairs, conventions, etc. To become a facilitator, you must first have your application approved, complete the three initial training assignments and you need to go through ongoing training assignments and conference calls. 

What are the beliefs of the Trust Birth Initiative?

Please see the “What We Believe” page. 

What is the Mission of the Trust Birth Initiative?

We are aiming to help families realize that they are the authority, they’re able to empower themselves to make informed decisions about their pregnancies and births, rather than submitting to their care providers as authorities. We want them to take their power back from care providers and use it to make healthy and empowering choices for themselves and their babies. 

Are there any fliers available to print? 

Yes! Please contact your local Facilitator

Does Trust Birth think that all pregnant mothers should hire a midwife?

No, we believe that women should be “in charge” of their births, and view care providers (no matter the title) as paid consultants. We believe that women have the right to give birth with any type of care provider she chooses, even if that is no one.  

Does the Trust Birth Initiative promote Family Birth (Unassisted Birth, Freebirth, DIY Birth, etc.) as the best way to give birth?

No. However, we do support it as a valid choice. We believe birth is generally safe, and we do not add qualifiers to our trust in birth.

Is the Trust Birth Initiative against hospital birth or Obstetricians?

Absolutely not, we are “For” telling the truth about birth, and the truth is that Birth is safest with minimal interference, and Hospitals are not the best environment for avoiding intervention. We believe that women should be “in charge” of their births, and view care providers as paid consultants.

 We recommend that you do enough research on the following topics to find out the Truth about them. We do not want to tell you what you should believe or what you should do in any particular situation. We’d rather you empower yourself by doing your own research. 

Are vaginal exams during pregnancy really necessary? 

Are there any risks associated with doppler/ultrasound scans? 

Are routine prenatal tests really necessary for me and my baby? 

Isn’t home birth dangerous? What about unassisted home birth? 

Is any kind of labor induction without risk (i.e. herbal, Castor oil, acupuncture, etc)? 

Is vaginal birth after cesarean [VBAC] safe? 

Is it better to have an episotomy or to tear? 

Is Epidural anesthesia safe? 

My Baby is breech, can I still give birth vaginally? 

When exploring your options, ask questions of everything you research, such as

Is there any reason why [the writer] would misrepresent the facts on this topic (do they have anything to gain from it)? 

What evidence is there for or against this? 

Do the risks outweigh the benefits for me personally? 

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