13 for 5

What is the Thirteen for Five Project?

Groups of 13 people, all around the world, committed to working together for 5 years, to make change.

   Each group of 13 has their own theme, such as lowering induction rates, increasing homebirth, reducing cesareans, etc, whatever the need is in their area. 

   For the duration of the 5 years, we will be documenting all that we do to bring about change. This will be edited at the end of the 5 years, to produce a documentary.

What could a group of 13 people, working together for 5 years, towards the same goal, achieve?


How Can You Get involved?



Contact us for more information or if you want to get involved.

A Letter From Founder, Carla Hartley:

“Want to be a part of this amazing 5 year project? Get your group of 13 committed Birth Truth Tellers together and start brainstorming. What will you do to change the way women think about birth in your part of the world? Get out your video camera and document everything. At the end of 5 years we are going to produce a professional documentary and include your work!”